My Background

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I am an educator whose career as a teacher, administrator, consultant, and staff developer has concentrated on supporting students who traditionally have been on the fringes of school success. My work has been in preschool through secondary settings as well as with families and service agencies. During the last two decades of my public school career, I guided schools through their development of positive behavior support systems. Within this broader work, I was particularly focused on illuminating how trauma impacts brain development and functioning and the ways in which this knowledge should critically inform educational practice. 


I have shared what I have learned and practiced with thousands of educators through local, regional, state, and national staff development events. I am thrilled that participants often react to my sessions by saying that I have made complex topics such as the neuroscience of trauma understandable and then have explicitly connected those concepts with practical educational methodologies. I hope that I always bring that skill to my consultations, workshops, and to my book.


Across the years, I have had the opportunity to consult in so many different schools - all with their unique gifts and challenges. It is through the relationships established with adults and students in those buildings that I have learned so much about meaningful supports and practices.  In my personal life, I have mentored adolescents who just needed some extra supports. I know it sounds cliche but it is absolutely true, they have taught me as much (if not more) than I ever taught them.


In 2018, after a long career in public education, I "retired" and formed my consulting company, Dyane Carrere Consulting, LLC, through which I have continued my work in the field of trauma-informed practices in schools. At the encouragement of educators with whom I have worked, I began writing the manuscript for The Re-Set Process: Trauma-Informed Behavior Strategies. I was most fortunate to have Wynne Kinder, M.Ed., join me in this effort - bringing her unique mindfulness lens to the work. The manuscript interested several publishers rather quickly and found its home with Brookes Publishing in the late summer of 2019. It is due to be published in early fall 2020.


My experiences as an educator, a parent, a grandparent, a mentor, and an active community member have all fed my passion for this work and contributed to my understanding of the complexities, sorrows, and wonders that comprise the lives of children and those of us seeking to support them.


Dyane Lewis Carrere M. Ed.

Dyane Carrere Consulting, LLC

Career Summary

  • Forty plus years of experience in the field of education with a focus on supporting students with social, emotional and behavioral issues


  • Thirty years of experience as:

    • an Educational Consultant/Staff Developer for general and special educators in the areas of trauma, poverty, bullying, urban education, school violence prevention, behavior assessment, behavior intervention design, team development and maintenance and inclusive practices.

    • a Consultant developing systems change plans and leading school teams on implementing research-based practices

    • a Presenter for local, state and national audiences related to trauma, behavior and inclusive practices for conferences, television programs, teleconferences and webinars


  • Developer of resource materials for the state of PA including:

    • Strategies for Success: A Behavior Assessment and Intervention Resource Book for Educators

    • Creating a Caring Community (an ability awareness manual)

    • (an inclusion video and related resource materials).


  • Consultant to Districts and Early Intervention Programs in the development of manuals including:

    • Crisis Response Plans and Manuals

    • Discipline Manuals

    • District Policy and Procedure Manuals

    • PBIS Manuals


  • Twenty years of experience as a behavior consultant working in private practice with families and social service agencies


  • Instructor (Immaculata University) and guest speaker at the university level (Kutztown University, Lebanon Valley College)



  • Pennsylvania - Instructional II (Mental and/or Physical Handicapped)

  • Vermont - Professional 3-82 (K-12 Teacher of Handicapped)

  • Delaware - Standard Certificate (Socially and Emotionally Maladjusted)



Masters of Education

University of Delaware

with focus on the Education of Socially and Emotionally Maladjusted Children, Practicum in Autism


Bachelor of Arts

University of Delaware

Sociology major with focus in Social Work, Psychology minor


Training Received (not all inclusive)

  • Student Assistance Training (SAP), PA

  • Responsive Classroom Teacher Training, NH

  • Crisis Prevention Institute Training, PA

  • Circle of Courage Training, SD

  • PBIS Facilitator Certification, PA

  • Suicide Prevention, PA

  • Social Norms Training, PA

  • Adult Staff Development, PA

  • Instructional Support Team Training, PA

  • Crisis Response Training with Cherie Louvre, PA


Professional Career History

2018 – Present

Dyane Carrere Consulting, LLC.  

  • Educational consultant providing staff development and consultation for school districts in PA and MA with a focus on trauma-informed practices.

  • Presenter of 2 sessions at the Attachment and Trauma Network’s Atlanta, GA 2020 (the largest international trauma conference).

  • Developer of the Re-Set Process and Re-Set Room as trauma-informed behavioral practices.

  • Primary author of the manuscript: The Re-Set Process: Trauma-Informed Behavior Practices, Brookes Publishing October 2020.


1989 – 2018

Berks IU 14 and Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

  • Educational consultant providing staff development and consultation for school districts across a wide range of topics (list to follow).Supported individual teachers, building teams, buildings, and districts in implementation of cutting-edge practices.



Delaware, Pennsylvania, Vermont

Teacher and Coordinator in programs serving children birth to 8th grade with a variety of disabilities and in a variety of educational settings


Education-Related Volunteer Work

  • Childcare Board Member – Jacksonwald Learning Center

  • District Development Advisory Team Member – Exeter Township School District

  • Mentor – At-risk Youth – Multiple locations and students

  • Youth Group Leader – Wesley United Methodist Church

  • Trauma Trainer for Faith Communities Serving Children with Trauma Histories

  • Member of PA’s Trauma-Informed School Practices Steering Committee

  • Trauma Consultant (pro bono) for Easthampton Public Schools, MA


Areas of Knowledge and Expertise (not an all-inclusive list)

​Topics Related to Students (Behavior-focused)

  • Anti-bullying Program Development

  • Brain-based Learning Strategies

  • Brain-based Understanding of Student Behavior

  • Children in Foster Care

  • Cognitive-Behavior Strategies

  • Community-building Meetings and Problem-solving Meetings

  • De-escalation Strategies

  • Executive Skills

  • Functional Behavior Assessment and Plan Development

  • Gender and Implications for Educational Practice

  • Multi-tiered Systems of Supports for Behavior

  • Social and Emotional Instruction

  • Trauma-informed School Practices

  • Understanding the Impact of Poverty on Student Learning and Behavior

  • Supporting Students with Significant Behavioral Issues

  • Teaching Self-regulation skills

  • Working with students with Mental Health Issues

  • Suicide Awareness

  • Futures Planning/Possible Selves/PATH processes


Topics Related to Students (Inclusive Practices-focused)

  • Ability Awareness

  • Inclusive Practices

  • Supporting Students with Disabilities

  • Adaptations to Learning

  • Differentiated Instruction


Topics Related to Students (Learning-focused)

  • Brain-based Learning Strategies

  • Child Development

  • Cooperative Learning


Topics Related to Adults

  • Working with Adult Learners

  • Co-Teaching

  • Facilitating Team Development

  • Systems Change and Planning Processes

  • Working with Difficult Adults

  • Team Development and Maintenance

  • Developing Mentors for Youth Programs