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Dyane Lewis Carrere, M. Ed.
Author & Trauma-Informed Practices Consultant




         My writing has been inspired by children and young people with trauma histories whom all deserve to live healthy and supported lives. Their needs are myriad but their resilience is always stunning and it calls for all of us to step forward and be partners in their growth. My life has been so graced by these children and also by the adults who, day-in and day-out, make thoughtful, caring, incisive choices to be those partners. 


        I believe that behavior challenges are cries for compassion and direction. They are the semi-cloaked light of a child's dignity and hope revealing itself to us - an opportunity for adults to nurture and guide.


        The Re-Set Process: Trauma-Informed Behavior Strategies finds its origins in that belief and in those relationships. Throughout the writing of it, I saw their faces, heard their stories, remembered their sorrows and successes. I aspire to honor them.


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Dyane is the most talented, knowledgeable educator with whom I have ever worked. Her ideas on working with children who have experienced trauma are insightful and inspiring!

Jayne Hain, School Counselor


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At last!!! A program that general and special educators can use in any classroom. This program blends the latest in research on the neurobiological and psychological impact of trauma.

Melissa Sadin, EdD, MEd, MAT Program Director

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During times of high community stress, attention to emotional regulation is more than timely - it is essential. This book is a critical step in the right direction. It helps educators move past wondering what to do, to an empowered stance of how to do this work.

Carol Powel, Ph.D.

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

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